TheraPediatrics of Rhode Island


TheraPediatrics, is an occupational therapy clinic offering a full service sensory integration gym and state-of-the-art treatment programs and technologies.

We have created a fun and inviting space so that children can learn and explore at their own pace. We have padded surfaces that are safe so that children are more willing to take risks. We have suspended equipment and climbing equipment to enhance modulation and the body map. We offer auditory integration training to enhance listening, attending, learning, and modulation of states of arousal. We have cognitive training programs that use neurofeedback/biofeedback to enhance brain functioning. We educate the parents and caretakers so that the program can be carried on at home or in the school environment.

At TheraPediatrics, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to work on sensory processing and integration so that our clients have fun while getting better. We bring the latest technology to your child to enhance his/her learning experience. We are invested in your child's success.


Address:  420 Scrabbletown Rd, Suite A, North Kingstown RI  02852

We are located in the Scrabbletown Professional Center in North Kingstown, RI.  Right off Rt 4 (on 102) just past the Home Depot on the left hand side.  Once in the complex follow the signs for 420 upper level.

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