TheraPediatrics of Rhode Island


  • Individual Treatment 

          Individual services may be recommended to address your child's needs.

          Therapy typically takes place 2 to 3 times a week in the large open gym

space so that your child has the opportunity to explore various movement

          and climbing equipment.  Or your child may do better in a smaller space

          with fewer visual and auditory distractions.  The clinic offers a variety

          of small and larger sized rooms which new things to explore in each. 

Individual treatment is typically the therapist and child.  Parents of

toddlers and young children are welcome to join the session especially if

the child is shy or has difficulty separating from the parent.  Most

children enjoy the time spent with their therapist.

  • Group Treatment

Groups services may be recommended to address your child's needs in a

small (2 to 5) or large (6 to 8) group setting.  Children would be

specifically matched up by age and skill level.  Children can benefit from

peer models, social skill development and opportunities, and other

valuable skills sets that can only be accomplished with other children in a

group setting.